Sunday, July 1, 2012


Seriously, why do you need to feel the need to keep up with others? Why you feel life is all about competition? I find this to be very sad on your part because you lack self confidences and respect. Along with courage, self control, and realness. I wonder if you even had a dream of what you wanted to be when you grew up, or because you had kids at an early age you felt like that dream ended. Why you never encourage your children to do more in school and seek a higher learning better yet make sure they stayed on track with it? Why do you feel the need to tear down someone else to make you feel better about your self? Why you criticizes someone when you aren't any better. Why are happy at someone else's failures, falls, faults, wrong doings, etc... Why don't you use your position for more positive things? Why does the Black Communities hold themselves to a lesser standard than others? Why can't we ( Blacks) help one another? Why is it so hard for people (Blacks in the Hood) to educate themselves? Why do Simple Women use their children as pawns to get back at/ with a man? Why do some men abandon their children? Women if a man has left you for another, Why feel the need to wish harm upon him? Why lie to get him locked up? Why create drama with the next woman for no reason? Why hold grudges? Why can't you show respect to others at all times? Why is sex a hot topic? Why does it seem like drugs are more important than an EDUCATION? Why is it that babies having babies seem to be okay? Why are their more sex offenders living in our neighborhoods? Why do some people feel that their local government can fix their personal, maternal,and physical needs? Why do people assume all minorities are ignorant? Stay Tuned........

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