Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random but true..

You know the saying "you get wiser with age and time".... THAT'S SO TRUE, in this case. In reflection on my life, sometimes you do look for comfort in a man similar to your father,if he played daddy to you, in your relationships. Realizing now,my daughters father is identical to my Father, to a tea. Skin color, weight, height, lack of common sense with world, religious madness(in their understanding???), stubborn, ignorant, lack ambition, no real goals in life, don't take time with your kids but will with others, always bad mouthing the mother never look at self, lack of responsiblity, stand behind a Woman with money instead of on his own, a true legacy of nothing, in my opinion, etc.... I've grown... broke my way of thinking.... that shit is for the birds. I way too much respect for myself to be tied down with a boy like that. Even sadder as they got older they got dumber and lazier, go figure..... Just glad Allah blessed me to get on his accord and not follow in the shadow of nothing. Blessed me to have that right mind to be stronger for the weak and pure for the spirit and soul.... All praises to Allah for the strength, his knowledge, peace, faith and love he's given and continues to give and show me everyday......

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