Saturday, August 13, 2011

HIM: Baby you got to water LOVE in order for it to grow so if you dont nourish it will wilt away feel what im saying is this if you WANT  love you cant be for it one minute and doubting it the next. follow your HEART.LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

Cute, and I've watered you from a far and close and you still haven't blossomed. I don't doubt you as much as you think. I always flow my heart, mind, body and soul they all have to be on one accord in order for me to invest. I think you should take your own advice and try to water me with your Love cause I'm malnourished, you don't feed me... Remember you need to love self before you can Love anyone else. I love myself, maybe a little too much, but nevertheless I nourish myself with Love. My Love is addicting and seductive yet scary because I'm young and most women my age are wild and out there, Not I. Thats not my world. My soul is old school, my mind is wiser than my years, my heart is pure to love, and body is its vessel. Let truth be told men in your age group are more attracted to me than women their age because they still have a childish mind, not me. Been there watched it, no good. So my question to is DO YOU THINK YOU CAN NOURISH ME? I don't like the games at all, he said she said that they said we all said, I spy, I play with the kids on road trips, etc. you get my point. It's not cute. In all reality, I think your use to playing the cat mouse game in your relationships. Here's another question for you why email; why not write me a letter or call.

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